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Teacher Testing Requirements

In order to become a teacher in Indiana you must pass the Indiana CORE Assessments for educator licensure to meet the requirements to earn your teaching license. Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow has created resources to help you with passing these exams and the information below is from our work with the Indiana Department of Education.

Note that Indiana works with NES for the Indiana CORE Assessments and the tests are computer based – not paper and pencil.  You must use your social security number with all CORE Assessments in order to process your teacher certification paperwork. If you test in Indiana all scores will automatically be sent to the Indiana Department of Education.

Indiana CORE Assessments For

Educator Licensure

You must pass the required teacher tests this before you can start teaching.

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Indiana CASA Assessment
(Or Approved Alternative)


  • The Core Academic Skills Assessment is designed to measure your knowledge and skills in relations to REPA Indiana Educator Standards. Your assessment includes 3 subtests.
  • CASA Reading – 40 multiple choice & 75 minutes
  • CASA Mathematics – 40 multiple choice & 75 minutes
  • CASA Writing – 42 multiple choice, 1 constructed response & 105 minutes
  • Passing is 220 on each subtest and you must pass all three sub-tests to be admitted.

Indiana Content Area Test

You must take the specific CORE content area test in the subject area in which you are seeking certification. You may take additional content area tests to meet federal highly qualified status. This is highly recommended as it increases your marketability as a candidate for a teaching position.

Go to the Indiana CORE site on Required Indiana Educator Exams to determine which exams you must have to enter the teaching profession.

Requirements to Earn Your

Indiana Practitioner License

Indiana Developmental (Pedagogy) Assessments is the pedagogy exam required for an instructional license. You can take it before you teach but most wait until they have been in the classroom teaching, as the test is focused on the application of pedagogy in the classroom.

The test you take depends on the instructional license you are working towards.
The test is consists of 100 multiple choice questions and you have 105 minutes to take it. The passing score is 220, and the cost is $114.


(005) Elementary Education (K-6)


(006) Secondary Education (5-12)

Preschool to
Grade 12

(007) P-12 Education

Indiana CORE

Assessments for Educators

Generally each test is has 100 multiple choice questions with 105 minutes to complete using a computer at a cost of $114 and a passing score of 220. Test fees may vary depending on the test you are taking.

  • 008 Business
  • 013 Computer Education
  • 060/061/062/063 Elementary Education Generalist
  • 018 Technology Education
  • 019 English as a New Language
  • 021 English Language Arts
  • 026 Fine Arts—General Music
  • 027 Fine Arts—Instrumental Music
  • 028 Fine Arts—Vocal Music
  • 029 Fine Arts—Theatre Arts
  • 030 Fine Arts—Visual Arts
  • 032 High Ability
  • 033 Journalism
  • 035 Mathematics
  • 038 Reading
  • 043 Science—Chemistry
  • 044 Science—Earth/Space Science
  • 045 Science—Life Science
  • 046 Science—Physical Science
  • 047 Science—Physics
  • 048 Social Studies—Economics
  • 049 Social Studies—Geographical Perspectives
  • 050 Social Studies—Government and Citizenship
  • 051 Social Studies—Historical Perspectives
  • 052 Social Studies—Psychology
  • 053 Social Studies—Sociology
  • 066 Health
  • 067 Physical Education

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